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7-16-16 is our newest site. Hopefully it will be an index of sorts for the info that is spread over all of our Meyer Plow web sites. It will also be a place where visitors can help each other with finding a fix for the particular problem they are having with their Meyer Plow.

8-6-14 Meyer Plow Wiring Diagrams, Wiring Identification Help (13 hours making this HUGE page!)

8-3-14 Cut Away View of the E-47 / 57 Sump Base Casting

Meyer E-57 and Meyer E-57H parts diagram

E-57 - Meyer went backwards with their numbering. The E-57 was an updated version of the E-47 in that it had a new larger pump, and the same larger motor that the E-60 used. It also featured a newly designed PA Block with one of the fittings coming out the side of the PA Block on a slight angle. The other Coupler came out of an elbow on top of the PA Block. It had a 2 lug Iskra motor on it. One lug for power supply, and one lug for grounding the motor. It runs @ 2000 psi and pulls about 180 amps. 230 amps is reject, and 150 amps is great. This was an improvement over the single lug Fenner motor used on the E-60 units. The single lug motor used the motor mounting screws and the base of the motor making contact with the sump base for a ground path. Corrosion was (and is) extremely common, and the unit will start acting up. Poor grounds create all sorts of gremlins. The standard E-58H unit Meyer uses today is an E-57 with an updated PA Block that allows the drop speed of the plow to be adjusted. Like the E-47 and E-60 before it, the E-57 was available as an E-57H model as well. EZ Plus mountings used the E-57H as standard until the E-58H came out. The E-57 was discontinued by Meyer Products 12/17/2005. The E-57H carton was discontinued 12/30/2010.

Popular Hydraulic Unit Overhaul/Rebuild Manuals
Download the Shop Manuals for free direct from Meyer: E-47/E-57

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Buy Meyer E-57 Parts online here.

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